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Chapter 2

So, that return to blogging went well, didn’t it?

Right. Take 2. Once more, with feeling…

It’s been an eventful couple of years. Lots of seismic shifts. I’m divorced, I have a dog, I’m in a serious relationship with a very nice guy, my job got redefined and really REALLY busy, and there’s lots of major family stuff going on, both good and bad.

Also, I just turned 39. THIRTY. NINE. YEARS. OLD. I know it’s cliché, but staring down the barrel at 40 is a wake-up call. There’s a LOT I thought I would have done by now but haven’t, a lot of ways I would like my life to be different. And there’s one big thing that’s been getting in the way for some time, and I’m so so SO tired of it. I’m tired of hiding it, and I’m tired of lying about it. So I’m coming out.

Hello. My name is eisha, and I’m clinically depressed.

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well hello, there

Hey, all. Whuddup?

After a long, LONG hiatus from blogging, I decided to come back. But this time, I’m going for something a little looser, a little more random, a little more me. Stuff like: what it’s like to work in a rare books library. And how I help put together our exhibitions. And maybe a little bit on what I’m reading/watching/listening to, but probably no formal reviews. Plus, you know, random stuff that makes me happy, or pisses me off. Hopefully that’ll help me keep the burnout at bay.

I’ve so totally missed you guys.


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