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penny dreadful: (also called “penny bloods”)

n. An inexpensive novel of violent adventure or crime that was especially popular in mid-to-late Victorian England. Penny dreadfuls were often issued in eight-page installments. The appellation, like dime novel and shilling shocker, usually connotes rather careless and second-rate writing as well as gory themes.
(Encyclopedia Brittanica)

It seemed like a good blog title for a librarian who deals with rare books. Also, it would be a kick-ass roller derby name. But I haven’t gotten up the nerve for that yet.

The header image is from a penny dreadful describing the life and crimes of Charlie Peace, notorious Victorian cat burglar:

Here’s the sort of things I’m likely to blog about here:

    * working in a rare book library
    * books I’m reading
    * music
    * movies
    * news
    * stuff
    * the human condition
    * etc.

I’d like to make it clear that this blog is about my own thoughts and opinions, and in no way am I representing anyone I happen to work for.

Also, my posts will be categorized according to Library of Congress subject headings. Because I’m just that much of a nerd, that’s why.



A blog of random thoughts on libraries, books, music, movies, food, friends, and the human condition.

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